An Argentinean by birth, his formal art education is from the School of Architecture of the University of Buenos Aires and the Estimulo de Bellas Artes, a century old art Institute in Buenos Aires.

Rivademar moved to California in 1992 at the age of 34. He studied watercolor and oil painting with Michael Daniel at the Long Beach City College. Daniel introduced the painter to plein aire painting and Rivademar has never looked back. The artist was criticized by his classmates for painting in a “nostalgic” style, but he found the support he needed when he joined the California Art Club as an artist member in the early 1990s.

A resident of Long Beach, he is a member of the California Art Club, the Long Beach Arts Club and the Pacific Art League. He is also a member of the American Artist Professional League and an associate member of Allied Artist of America. As a “plein aire” painter, he is on his own, realizing that nature is the best teacher. His specialty is the California coastline and tree punctuated landscapes. His paintings are also noted for the artists use of color.

Of his rich, open air landscape painting, the artist writes: “I paint nature because it is nurturing, invigorating and reminds me we are apart of a common heritage that unites us all. I feel compelled to preserve on a canvas the beauty that will be gone some day. Impressionism is my avenue of expression because of its handling of light and color, which is suited to translate my concepts onto a canvas.”

He has had numerous exhibitions including the Lirolay Gallery in Argentina, The California Art Club in Los Angeles and the Manhattan Arts International Competition where he received the Critics Pick Award. He is a member of the California Art Club, the Long Beach Arts Club, the National Art League and the American Artist Professional League.

Self-taught in landscape painting, he says that although he received a solid art education in the United States and Argentina, “when I started painting “Plein Aire,” I found out I was on my own. . . .As I learned more and more about nature, I realized nature is the teacher of teachers, furthermore, the more I discover about it the more I notice I have to learn.” For subject matter, he is particularly attracted to both the Southwest and California.

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